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Tesco joins in the sustainable party

Feeding the sustainability party – Whilst Tesco appears to be joining the sustainability party late, at least they are bringing usable food to the party table instead of throwing it all away.  If only we all would open our eyes … Continue reading

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French Parliament Wastes No Further Time – Legally Ban Major Retailers from Wasting Food

As part of a larger goal of eradicating food waste in France, the French government has taken one small step for sustainability, but perhaps one giant step for person-kind. A common practice in France has been for stores to convert … Continue reading

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From Cradle to Cradle to Cradle to…..

This is a remarkable success story with an unexpected start but a sustainable outcome. When I first saw this story, I was struck by how brilliant the business approach was in its simplicity and how it helped to minimise … Continue reading

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Sustaining Olympic Cities

As the next Olympics are being prepared for in Rio in 2016, it started my wondering about sustainability issues faced by Olympics organisers as they bid for and prepare for hosting the Olympics if their bid is successful. In 2012, … Continue reading

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Self-Sustaining Socially-Sustainable Gyms

Self-Sustaining Socially-Sustainable Gyms Is there such a thing as a self-sustaining socially-sustainable gym? Basically, this would be a gym that generates its own power so it minimises its use of external electricity, and of course it minimises its overall carbon … Continue reading

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Sounding and Resounding Repellents

Sounding and Resounding Repellents For the last few weeks, my family has been experiencing landline telephone problems. Yes, believe it or not, in this age of mobile phones, we still have landline telephones at our house. While this may seem … Continue reading

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Do green phones cost more green or are they smarter smart phones?

Last week, I reached into my pocket and pulled out my mobile phone. I was surprised to see that it hadn’t closed properly. It wouldn’t close, so I tried to open it instead, and as I did, the phone broke … Continue reading

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